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3 Online banner design tips

In the verge of digital marketing, most businesses are adopting the use of online advertisers to market their brand or products. This is because most prospective clients are internet users. In short, it is easier to reach your target audience through the internet rather than any other typical advertising method.

This is what has led to the wide use of online banner advertisement. This is an advertising Technic that most marketers recommend for small businesses; drawing maximum conversion rate. However, designing an online banner that meets its purpose is something different all together.


So how should you design an effective online banner?


Ad Format.

An effective online banner is one that can be deployed on various platforms to fetch web users. This is because each of the platforms has the format that goes well with it. For instance, if you want your online banner advertisement to go on a WordPress blog, it should be in the HTML5 format.

If the online banner is meant for a media-rich platform, it should adopt the animated visual format. To achieve this, you should consider investing in an online services such as Bannnersnack that enables you as the marketer to access hundreds of unique templates to build HTML5 animated banners for your small business.


What color should your online banner be? This is one factor that might make or break your marketing effects. You should use colors that blend in with the rest of the page. In short, this means that you should use your own brand colors. Remember, if your target audience must associate or recognize your online banner with your business, the online banner colors must be the colors you choose for you brand.

Call to action.

Call to action is another crucial element of the online banner advertisement. What do you intend your prospective clients to do after viewing the ad? You definitely want to increase the click rate and conversion rate through the online banner. You should therefore involve CTAs according to your particular target audience. CTAs such as “Buy Now”, “Request a free call back” or “Download free eBook” will definitely work but depending on your brand.

Online banner advertisement is a technic that every small business that is trying to make a mark in the competitive business world should adopt. This is why you should use the above 3 online banner design tips to increase the Return on Investment (ROI).

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